Jambo Feriepark is certified as a sustainable campsite that makes a special effort to contribute to global sustainable development and the UN’s global goals. The certification is carried out by Camping Outdoor Denmark, which has selected the primary world goals where the campsites can contribute the most.

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Jambo Feriepark has been Green Stay certified in 2023. To enter the certification order, the campsite must meet 50% of the criteria that are assessed. Jambo Feriepark has worked for many years to become more sustainable. Therefore, we already meet 94.64% of the requirements in the scheme at the time of certification. And we continuously work to become even better.

The square has a focus on to save water  The site is working on to reduce pollution of the groundwater

The site has set energy targets to reduce its energy consumption.
The site focuses on using sustainable energy.

The site has a waste plan
regarding sooting and recycling The site sorts and
handles environmentally hazardous waste responsibly.

The site has developed an environmental plan to reduce its environmental impact. The site has set concrete and manageable environmental targets.

The site does not use environmentally harmful herbicides.
The site makes an active effort to promote biodiversity and
protect nature.

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