Mini golf

Mini golf

While the crocodile is lurking in the grass and the elephants are drinking water, you prepare yourself to conquer the biggest crazy golf park in Europe. Take your family on an adventurous challenge over the hanging bridge, through the mountain Kilimanjambo and by the African kitchen.

Our mini golf park is among the biggest in Europe and offers real tee-offs, fairways and greens.

Try it once or buy a card for the whole vacation. Everything built will have two different levels of difficulty making it a fun challenge no matter your age.

A game of african inspired crazy golf costs 80 kr. per person. Children under the age of 5 are playing for free. If that isn’t enough you can buy a week card for the price of 150 kr. or a seasonticket for 300 kr.

The mini golf course is open every day during the season (from Easter to the autumn holidays) from 10-22.

From 10-22

every day during the season

The mini golf course in Jambo Holiday Park is open from 10-22 every day during the season (from Easter to and including the autumn holidays).

Mini golf in the summer country

For a lot of people summer vacation equals minigolf. Because mini golf is a traditional holiday activity at the Danish resorts. Some practice the activity as a relaxing activity for the whole family, while others enjoy the exciting competitive element that mini golf can also provide.

Regardless of your approach to mini golf, Jambo Feriepark is extremely proud to be able to welcome you to one of the wildest mini golf courses in Denmark. 

Take the family on an adventurous 18-hole outing on the African savannah.

Price for mini golf in Jambo Feriepark

The price for a game of mini golf is DKK 80 per person, and children under the age of 5 play for free. If you can’t get enough of African-inspired mini golf, you can also buy a weekly pass for DKK 150 or a season pass for DKK 300. That way you can come and play on our fantastic mini golf course exactly when you want.

And it can turn out to be a good solution. Because playing our miniature golf course can be quite an addictive experience. Here with us mini golf is not just mini golf as you know it from all sorts of other campsites or amusement parks around the country – or in the whole of Europe for that matter. Because right here at our scenic campsite in North Jutland you will find an adventurous world built around the wildest 18-hole mini golf course with an African theme.

Combine a game of mini golf with other great experiences in North Jutland

There are, of course, plenty of other good reasons to visit North Jutland besides the fact that you can play absolutely world-class mini golf. So you can, for example, combine your mini golf with a trip to the beach, which is just 3 km from the course. Here you can enjoy a refreshing dip after a visit to the miniature golf course’s savannah or eat an ice cream in one of the cozy seaside towns that are gently strewn along the North Sea’s picturesque stretch of the North Jutland.

Of course, you also have the opportunity to develop your game during your stay at Jambo Feriepark. We are a 5-star holiday park with plenty of options for luxurious accommodation in the beautiful nature of North Jutland. Here you can stay in your own caravan, tent or book our beautiful luxury cottages which are furnished with a fully equipped kitchen and provide easy access to all the facilities which our popular holiday park has to offer.

Mini golf in Jambo Feriepark

- Experience one of Denmark's best mini golf courses

We have built one of Europe’s largest mini golf courses with real tees, fairways and greens. On artificial grass which makes the experience absolutely fantastic for both young and old. Try it once or buy a card for the whole vacation. We dare to promise that there are “wildly fun” experiences ahead. And it is not just the holiday park’s guests who play mini golf on our 18-hole mini golf course. Because the course which is among mini golf enthusiasts’ favorite mini golf courses in Jutland attracts people from all over the country who want to experience (or relive) our fantastic course.

A game of mini golf on the 18-hole mini golf course in Jambo Feriepark is therefore a must if you are on holiday in North Jutland and like to play mini golf – or just love fun and different holiday experiences with the family. The mini golf course in Jambo Feriepark is a course with both big and small challenges. And it is all wrapped up in a very complete experience of moving around the African savannah. Here you can enjoy the surroundings with the family – regardless of whether you are playing or waiting for it to be your turn. For several of the 18 courses sneak around the exotic animals, through Africa’s highest mountain Kilimanjaro, along rivers and much more. The landscape integrates itself into the game and provides good and memorable experiences for both experienced minigolf players and those who just came to enjoy a game of mini golf in North Jutland in some quite unique settings.